Thinking back to the old days, I
ordered a giant sub sandwich and told myself
“I’ll save half for later.”
Partway through the first half, my brain said
“I don’t think you can finish this, man.”
The giant sub is 16 inches long.
One half is 8 inches of sandwich.
My stomach started protesting somewhere around 4.

I forget
that I used to walk around the office building frequently,
and I took breaks
to step outside and climb the hill overlooking campus.
Hell, that hill overlooks most of the city.
It provides a nice view, and getting there
is a decent trek for a guy who usually sits at home
to play video games or read books.

What I’m trying to say is,
I don’t need to eat nearly as much as I used to,
thanks to the ultra-sedentary quarantine mode of life.
So a small sub sandwich is all I need, for now.

Cool thing is,
I have a lot of leftovers to stretch through the weekend.
Next time I need to take a break from remote work,
I think I’ll
step outside for a long stroll.


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