How can I
even begin to describe a song that has taken me
to a new mental space,
and given me
a new emotional face,
how do I convey to random passersby (not in the time of Corona, of course)
the way my head needs to bob,
and my feet need to move,
and the intense urge to stand up and run,
this immense energy has been bequeathed to me
by a master notesmith
and I am but a puppet to their strings,
so I direct a solo music video in my head
wherein I walk down the street real calm,
real slow,
and real deliberate-like,
my head begins to move,
and my feet shuffle side to side,
picking up speed and building in variations,
until the vocals pop in
and I leap from the sidewalk
to fling my arms about,
because this shit is fucking bomb, yo,
and I have to let everyone know.


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