It’s funny
how work and life end up influencing each other.
I mean, one is part of the other, and sometimes,
when you’re lucky,
you spend your life doing work you enjoy.
So they can become intertwined.
Anyway, before I accidentally advocate for
an unhealthy balance,
let me just say
I was inspired by some of my work today,
and it’s got me rethinking
what I’m capable of, and
what I can do with myself.
Things are going to get a lot better.
This will take a lot of work,
outside of work,
but I want to
enhance my pastimes.
That’s my fancy way of saying
I’m going to overhaul
my little piece of the internet.
This blog,
not great.
It’s not terrible, either,
but it can definitely be
augmented for the better.
I’m going to make that happen,
so I ask anyone who’s reading (probably not very many people, to be honest)
to bear with me in the weeks ahead.
This is a poetic version
of an update
and a promise,
and it’s hilarious
that it falls within my year of poems,
outside of this very specific blog context,
this won’t make a lot of sense.
Oh well.
If these ever go anywhere,
I’ll chuckle when I get to this one.
Thanks, whoever you are.


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