That May Be, 26 (127.)

So I’m a
Swiss Army man,
not like a
man who’s a part of the Swiss army
but like a
man who can do a lot of different things.
I’m also not like the
film of the same name
(though I must admit here that I’ve yet to watch it);
as I said, I can just do
a lot of different things.

I’ll cut, snip, twist, bop my way into places,
not literally, of course (why would I need to get so violent?),
and I certainly won’t be using that toy.
On my breaks, I’d definitely love
to play with that toy.

Speaking of things I can do,
I used to be pretty good with a Tech Deck.
All day long, from the start of English
all the way through the end of algebra,
I’d be kick flippin’ and nose grindin’
the hell out of my textbooks.

Wish me luck –
I’m about to
dig through my old stuff,
’cause I’m really hoping
I held onto one of those tiny, four-wheeled, grip-taped

P.S. Please hire me, I know how to have fun.


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