It’s tough to grow
anything substantial
in messed up soil,
and today I remind myself
that the mind is my soil for growth.

When I wish to plant the seeds of a better future,
I first
must check the state of my thoughts.
Do I feel stagnant? Listless? Unmotivated?
If so, why?
A lot of the time
these negative feelings are rotting leaves
clinging to the stems and the trunks
of fruit I planted in self-defeating thoughts.

Rotten thoughts, rotten fruit.
Not much good will come of them.
I need to till the soil
and refresh my mental fields
before I start a new garden.
When the mind is sick,
its roots reach my heart
and I feel wretched.

Sunshine, water, free-flowing air –
these warm and positive nutrients
shall make my garden grow.
I’ll sow the seeds of the future
with patience, kindness, and understanding
so I may blossom in time.


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